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Our Mission

China Missions is a strategically based ministry in Hong Kong, China evangelizing and discipling the next generation of unreached Chinese people and assisting pastors to impart their compassion for the lost into their church.

Steve & Sharmin

Steven & Sharmin Fischer


Why China?

Over 200 million people in China have never heard the name of Jesus
even once.


That needs to change.


For every 71 missionaries sent into the world,
only 1 goes to China.

World Population vs Missionaries Received


There are an estimated 130 million Christians in China. 
But only 60-80 million have access to Bibles.

Bible Graph

There are more children in China than people in the USA. 
Reaching the next generation is a monumental task.

Layer 5
*Sources: Christianity in its Global Context, 1970-2020: Society, Religion and Mission, Center for the Study of Global Christianity (2013); World Christian Database

Latest Updates

Will you help carry this mission & vision with us?

Go on a China Missions trip

Over 200 million people in China have never heard the name of Jesus even once. YOU can be the first to tell them!
Ask your church to join a China Missions trip and help recruit people to go.

Pray regularly for China

Ask us for a free China Prayer Calendar that’s been designed as a reminder to pray for China! It includes a monthly prayer focus and awesome photos from across China.

Join the monthly Support Team

Monthly financial support allows us to live and operate full-time on the mission field, reaching those who’ve never heard the name of Jesus even once.


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