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Do you want to do more?

If you have a heart for the millions of unreached people in Hong Kong and China, then this is the right place for you.

Interning with China Missions is a life changing experience where you will have the opportunity to step into a new level of personal growth and fulfillment… all while accomplishing the dreams God has put in your heart. We will help you take all the steps for you to live full-time on the Mission Field in Hong Kong, China.

FFM Internships are not for the faint of heart, they’re a hard core ministry experience, where you will be stretched spiritually, physically and mentally. But through this, you will have the opportunity to grow in your giftings, and step out to do things you never knew you could do.

Here is what we’re looking for:

Someone who is a self-starter, motivated worker, and eager learner.

Someone who has both passion and skill in any of the following areas:
Graphic Design
Social Media
Video Production
Digital Marketing
Kids/Youth Ministry
Administration skills

Someone who is interested in working in ministry.

Someone who is desiring to become a full time missionary.

Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and is a team player.

Someone who can work efficiently, keep up with a fast pace, and isn’t afraid to ask questions or contribute to conversations and project development.

Someone who appreciates humor, Chinese food, and working with lots of different personality types.

Intern Commitment Period

China Missions has a policy to have interns commit to 6 months or 1 year at a time. (primarily because of housing leases in HK)

Here is what you can expect to gain

An understanding of missionary life and ministry on the mission field

An ability to personally minister to people from another culture and background

Hands on experience of working in all aspects of Church ministry

A huge step in establishing yourself as a missionary through creating a website, having a support team, and sending newsletters

An ability to overcome time and resource limitations and still create excellent end results

An ability to work with a team, give and receive constructive criticism, and champion the best idea even if it’s not your own

Fine tuning of your technical skills in your area of focus (graphic design, social media, video production, motion design, copywriting, photography, digital marketing, creative project management)

An ability to pitch ideas, receive and apply critique to your work, and accomplish big projects on a deadline

Personalized input from our team to help with professional, creative, and personal development


FFM does not charge for internships. However, you will be paying for all your expenses to get here and live here.

To give you an idea, all expenses will be an estimate of $3,000 USD a month.
To get the money you will need to do 3 practical steps:

1. Save. Save up money monthly until you depart for Hong Kong.

2. Raise support & Itinerate. Get connected with Churches and people that God is leading to support you.

3. Budget. You will need to create a detailed monthly budget for all your expenses and where all your income will come from to cover all the expenses. A sample budget will be sent to you to with rough Hong Kong cost estimates to help you get started.


If this what God is leading you to do next, fill out your application and one of the FFM staff will be in contact with you helping you take each step to get here.
We’re excited to get to know you!

China Missions Internship Application


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