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We accomplish our mission through three avenues of ministry:

Hong Kong Strategic Base


China Missions

China Missions

Missionary Training

Missionary Training

How It Works

Our vision is to build a strategic ministry base in Hong Kong of Churches, Schools and trained Missionaries to reach the over 200 million people in China who’ve never heard the name of Jesus even once.

This graph shows how the aspects of the vision work together.

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The Strategy

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The strategy starts with a Strategic Base in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong is a city like no other city in the world… so to succeed here we must have a church like no other church in the world.

―Steven Fischer

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Hong Kong’s unique challenges require a very strategic, Spirit-led plan to turn what would be opposition into opportunities.


All the factors listed above put extreme tension and pressure on the children, families and churches in Hong Kong. But we believe our strategic ministry base helps answer Hong Kong’s most pressing needs.

The reason this is important is because Hong Kong IS a part of China, but still maintains complete religious freedom. This means that a ministry can grow and thrive in a Chinese city with Chinese people who can be equipped for ministry to reach the Mainland.

The Plan

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Will you help carry this Vision with us?

The success of this vision is fueled by monthly financial support and prayer. This allows us to live and operate full-time on the mission field reaching those who’ve never heard the name of Jesus even once.

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